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Araya Rebirth offers the finest in skin care, hair removal, massage & rejuvenation therapies. Our facial services are extensive and thorough ranging from Vegan Organic Facials to Microdermabrasion. At Araya we are committed to the science of skin and the most comprehensive product lines the spa industry has to offer.



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Supporting Local Artists!

We Support Our Local Artists!

We feel very strongly about supporting small business and artists in our community.
The following are a list of local people that have created something that we carry to share with our clientele.

When you buy from small business and artists, you lift up the community, and own something that was crafted with love and uniquity.


Stellar Intentions

Live like a Star in your home or business that is aligned with your dreams. Everyone is effected by the energy that surrounds them. Karen Skolski can help you find and remove that old and unwanted energy. Then together, we activate new energies and preserve them. She can also assist you through the use of Feng Shui, to guide you to reach your desired goals. Her modalities include Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®, Instinctive Feng Shui™, Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing®, Elemental Space Clearing®, and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui®.

She can be reached at

Chef Ellen

Ellen Postolowski is a local personal chef. Her passion for tasty and healthy food will make your mouth water! She is also a published cookbook author. Click to link to her on Amazon to purchase!


Inspired Between The Pines

Janet is a local jewelry designer and creator. She handcrafts jewelry primarily fabricated in sterling silver, with the addition of 14kt yellow and rose gold fill, copper and brass as the market demands. You will feel the difference when you wear one of her pieces, they are outdoor and yoga inspired, and they are SPIRIT infused, share their good vibes…be INSPIRED! Made in the USA.

Run Rabbit Productions

Chris Spliedt is a local children’s book author and illustrator. He currently has 6 books that we proudly carry. He is a painter, photo editor, illustrator and designer in addition to an author. Visit his site to link to his stores online.