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Araya Rebirth offers the finest in skin care, hair removal, massage & rejuvenation therapies. Our facial services are extensive and thorough ranging from Vegan Organic Facials to Microdermabrasion. At Araya we are committed to the science of skin and the most comprehensive product lines the spa industry has to offer.



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Exfoliating Treatments

Intense Exfoliating Treatments: Chemical Peeling Treatments and Exfoliations

Araya Rebirth experts offer a variety of exfoliation treatments according to the needs of the skin.  Each of our peeling options will refine the texture of the skin and reveal a brighter and more even complexion.


60 Min EmerginC Splendor – $145

A signature treatment incorporating cleansing, toning, a multi fruit acid peel with gylcolic and massage with EmerginC products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Two masks are used to further exfoliate and then to ultimately calm the skin to ensure no redness on the skin. EmerginC products are never tested on animals and are paraben-free.


60 Min EmerginC Splendor Xtra Strength Peel – $160

Using mixed fruit acids, this signature treatment will leave your skin glowing and gently exfoliated. EmerginC products are never tested on animals and are paraben-free. Two masks are used in this facial to first exfoliate skin and then calm the skin, leaving virtually no redness.


Sothys Lactic Acid Peel – $95

An intense multi action peel combining Lactic acid and plant extracts that helps to even out skin tone and combat the signs of aging. Promotes a softer more hydrated skin while stimulating natural collagen production, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and repairing the effects of sun damage. Be sure to consult with your aesthetician regarding contraindications for the week prior and after this treatment.


T.C.A Professional Peeling Treatment $100

An intensive 30 minute skin exfoliation and peeling treatment that treats concerns of hyper pigmentation and skin aging. It is highly effective in smoothing the skin’s surface texture, diminishing the depth of wrinkles and stimulating collagen production for a more youthful appearance. Your Esthetician will perform a complete skin analysis and consultation to ensure suitability for this peel. Recommended in a series of 3 spaced apart however one treatment is very effective as well. Good for normal or combination skin types. Available at a discount when purchasing a series. 


Precision Microdermabrasion $325

A non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that creates invisible channels in the outermost layer of the epidermis. This process boosts collagen and fibroblast production which leads to smoother texture, and more even skin tone. This is a super effective treatment to correct fine lines, sun damage and scarring. Recommended in a series of 3-6 depending on goals for your skin, however, one treatment produces favorable and impressive results. Some down time after this service, incredible results, available to most skin types. We recommend a phone or in person consultation prior to booking. Available at a discount when purchasing a series.  


30 min Microdermabrasion – $90

60 min Microdermabrasion – $115

90 min Microdermabrasion – $165

Skins of different complexions and levels of sensitivity can benefit, including rosacea-prone skin. This treatment is beneficial for these common issues: sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, mild acne, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and shallow acne scars. It will also reverse the effect of premature aging by removing superficial skin layer without damaging the integrity of the skin.

The newest machine, which we have here at Araya Rebirth, is crystal-free or also known as “diamond tip.” This machine is four times more powerful, and can remove up to 80% of the upper layers of the stratum corneum. We have various tips of coarseness which can be customized depending on your skin type. Your home care products will penetrate 30-50% more effectively as well!

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